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"I have the spirit of a goddess and the heart of a queen. I can inspire by expressing my truths and my whimsy dreams." - Deedra Lavon

Writing has always come naturally to me. It's the foundation of the relationship that I have with myself. I treasure it and protect it. I was thirteen when I first shared my writing with the world through a poem titled "Bob." That poem won me a literary award and propelled me into the world of Art. I began with writing short stories, which developed into creating character profiles. During high school, I wrote the opinions column for the school newspaper, The Blaze, where I focused on popular culture and current events. It was my time spent at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where I obtained a degree in Digital Media studying video/audio editing and storyboarding, that molded and shaped my ultimate endeavors. As I moved forward in my career, I wrote and published my first book, Origin King: The Rise and Demise of a Renegade Pharaoh in, 2015. This inspired me to delve into visual design. A cover concept enabled me to exercise my skills visually coupled with written communications. Furthering my education I have obtained a BS in Media Communications and an MA in Public Relations. Today, I continue to venture into many projects that grants me the opportunity of creative freedom and bringing whimsy ideas to life.

"When I write, my purpose is to illuminate a deeper and much more vulnerable side of myself through my characters, along with telling their stories. As I continue to cultivate and grow, so will my characters. I hope who takes interest in what I write can experience the beauty of intelligence, the wonders of the universe, the unification of family, the strength of true love, and the whimsical nature of the freedom to be." -Deedra Lavon 

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