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Don’t Let Me Go

You came over unannounced

I scolded you

I’m so sorry

I wished you’d given me notice

I didn’t want you to see me without my cover up

I felt exposed

At my lecturing and sarcasm you laughed

At my insecurity you stroked my bare cheek

And played with my hair

You looked me in my eyes

Your admiration did not change

You didn’t mind waiting as I got ready

Where did you come from!?

We walked the beach bare foot

watching Rameses chase the birds

I stared as you wrestled around with him

It was a beautiful day

You told me I have the power to bring a man to his knees

I told you my powers are focused on me for now

I saw the disappointment on your face and then the optimism

You kissed me goodbye on my forehead

I deeply sighed

You have no idea how much I enjoy you

Or how hard it is for me to deny you me

One day I’m going to give in

And once again my world will be turned up side down

Therefore, I’m holding onto myself for as long as possible

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