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He is earthy and grounded

I am witty and charming

He is sensuous

I am nurturing

He is faithful

I am loyal

He is honest

I am truthful

He is proud

I am prideful

He is patient

I am pushy

He is calm

I am restless

He is demanding

I am understanding

He is firm

I am flexible

He is very good with his hands

I am very good with words

He is a provider

I am a supporter

He is physical

I am mental

He likes to joke

I like to laugh

He has common sense

I have intuition

He is strong and mighty

I am strong yet fragile

He is protective and claiming

I am submissive and caring

He is loving and tender

I am devoted and affectionate

He is sexy

I am seductive

He is Earth, I am Air

There is a emotional and spiritual connection: instant, intoxicating, sensual, securing, comforting, magnetic…pushing us, pulling us…forever rapture.

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