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Just Some Time

I have to be strong. At least that’s what the voice inside keeps telling me.

Time flies. I’ve begged it to slow down on so many occasions.

Thoughts linger. My imagination is far too vivid for them to fade.

Great moments frequently occur. I’ve found joy in many things I was once blind to.

I smile. Hoping what has caused my lips to stretch so utterly wide never goes away.

I sit and steal moments of silence. It’s the only way I can catch up with myself.

It rains a lot here. It’s a different kind of rain, this rain feels cozy, it’s lovely…and honestly quite dangerous.

Things are really happening. I should be shouting to the roof tops but it feels better to quietly see them through; go where they take me.

It’s strange. Internally, my world has slowed down so much but externally my world moves rapidly.

Yet growth and progression are the results of both…

Well, the universe is calling.

I have no choice but to answer.

I just needed to pause, for a moment.

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